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Learning Resource Center

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Large dedicated classroom space for the support of students who would like to expand their learning through the development of improved study skills, organizational skills, and time management. Learning specialists are available during designated office hours or by appointment. 

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The Aquinas Program offers enhanced academic services for an additional fee. Admission is limited in each grade. Families must apply for the program separately. Admission to the program requires documentation of the student's learning needs. Students within the scope of the program are individually monitored on a daily basis. Extended Learning Resource Center hours are available to these students. Please contact the Director of the Learning Resource Center for more information.  


Tutoring is available through drop-in after-school tutoring or through individual tutoring. Drop-in tutoring dates are available on the school portal. Individual tutoring is provided by peers through the National Honor Society. Students may sign up for individual tutoring by using the link found on the school portal. 

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